Picking my brain…

These are just my own ramblings…thanks for reading my first public post..usually i only blog for companies and not myself. That i do in a diary. So ,here it is…From my eyes



The child cries, the flies fly,

shitting, spewing, unending germ laden streams,

humanity passes, glances averted

invisible,caring in-feasible,

zooming in, lens focused

poverty tugs your shirt,

shit on your silk shirt,

it smells and is dirty,

like crushing a roach you kick it away

oozing wounds, pleas on wood,

spare some change,please if you could,

disgust and pity, but cant part with the kitty

a torrent of feet rushes past,

the Colorado almost bursting banks,like,

deepen wounds and cut up scars

breastfeed her, let the nipples get sucked,

no milk,no food,starvation perhaps,

what future is there, none i can see,

for the child on the streets with its family.

Capture a moment, 12 megapixels,

auction it, maybe the pic sells,

poverty is all you see,i see

selfishness and absurdities,

isn’t it odd to see,

the photos of poverty

yet in our odyssey, the ship has sailed

a future,our future,their future

as promised to we?


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