The Magnitude

Well, sometimes i just write from what i feel especially confusion…follow my thoughts with me..set off on this journey as i ramble.

Rage spews
Disarray consumes
Flames unmanaged lash out
Turmoil in my brain wants out
My hands to the offender lash out
Vengeance to impress
The magnitude of my anger

To tear apart i can
But control a virtue i have
It will not let me
So i set me
My insides aflame
Asunder i tear myself
But to cry foul i shall not
The magnitude of my anger

A psychopath i have been called
A mean spirited jerkwad I’ve been named
But to protect myself is all i seek
To drown my anger in heed
And embrace the cold within
The loneliness in it creeps
My ever present companion
In my thoughts it comes
In my laughter it caresses my vitals
Careless whispers of lust and longing
Of the emptiness within
Of the desire to be filled
Rage and love have I
All that brandish and charge headlong
Into the fathoms of my emptiness

I reach into  my soul with a pondering gaze
Wanton curiosity fucks my brain
It is recovering it seems to moan
A gasp of relief leavea mine throat
Perchance the flicker of love may flourish
Consuming and growing
Clearing the fog and webs from the far reaches
I hope it overtakes my soul as it has my brain
Old wounds heal and for scars
But later are recut and saline flooded in
But love…this love i feel
It tends to me…
Lays me down
Quiets the tempest that lays siege to me
Hope is nigh
Thy robe clutch i must
The opportunity let go i cant
This, the magnitude of my love.


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