That one…..

Have you ever had that one person that you are weak to… That one person who is bad for you but you still have to pull all the stops to resist.

That one who walks into a room and immediately all your attention goes to despite how good a battle you put up
That one person who touches you and you instantly feel better. That one whose scent remains with you and keeps you yearning for the next time you will meet
That one person whose scent deprives your brain of both blood and oxygen concurrently. That one who despite all you try still sends all the blood to your genitals and leaves perspiration glistening on your skin…
That one who hurt you so bad but you cannot hate. I mean you probably wouldn’t date again but you cannot stop the desire of sexual intimacy. The one whose eyes you look into and all lust bubbles volcanically to your surface…
That one who you long to engage in horizontal acrobatics with…the one who lets out the animal within….
Do you have That One?


2 thoughts on “That one…..

  1. wow..nice work there,just read some of your other pieces and am impressed,nice sense of poetry..The One,everytime I thought I had found my “The One”I ended up dissapointed.All this fantasy about a perfect “The One” is messing our heads up we tend to overlook how happy we feel with them no matter how short a time we feel that,and concentrate on their faults then end up losing what we probably wont find anywhere else.guess its time i embrace imperfection maybe then I will feel how it feels to have that one.but then again is it. worth it?

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