If I were to die….

If I were to die
On an open field lay me
Under the blue sky bare me
The rays of sun bathe me
With the essence of nature
Would a chariot of peace
Final peace find me
If I were to die

If I were to die
No tear drop to the ground
Enrich my resting with grief
My being enveloped
Cocooned in sorrow
Wetting the earth under
Over me with tear
Liquid gold encasing rainbows and love
Whetting the lost anger
My departure undue
Untimely perchance
Perhaps ensconced with me
Rage engulfing
A deluge of tears to put out

If I were to die
Hearken the music
The oh so glorious
Awe so inviting
Melody of my soul
Lute like
Calming sea melody
Resonating to my thoughts
Free-ing my bonds
Releasing my hopes

A cloud of mist
Drenches the ground
Eerie silence broken
Shattered by cries
Cries of incompletion
Cries of unfulfilled endeavours
Volcanic rage erupts
I do not want to die
Not before I touch
Before I caress
Before with wanton abandon
The fabric of time I embrace
On its bosom to lay
In its ear to lay this request
That the music I play
The essence of my being
Flowing out the sax
Touch a person’s heart
Fire up the furnace of their emotions
Fill them with my feeling
Unite them by beseeching
Not besmirching
That which is their humanity
I do not want to die.

This one was complicated for me because I didn’t know the direction it was going…but feel free to comment and share…thanks.


Dust under my feet

Dust under my feet
The sun overhead
Darkening my skin
A scent in the distance
A whiff of perfume
I look up
Our eyes meet, our smiles mate
She looks down
Engrossed and held captive
Prisoner to the gadget in her hand
Primal instinct kicks me
I gaze
Her legs, ones that are used to lotion
Her face tells tales
Of facemasks and creams
Of careful detail
Make up to accentuate
Lipstick to aggregate
The beauty that’s her

A set of pearls
Glimmering in her mouth
All ivory and straight
Hair that flows
Cascading down to the small of her back
Down uncovered
welcoming shoulders
Supple succulent bosom
Bouncing and stealing
Every straw
Every last straw of concentration from my grasp
Quickly I prioritize
I optimize
The few fleeting moments before she’s gone

The jeans
Hugging and tugging
Fighting a battle
Trying to contain her
Voluptuously inviting buttocks
Curves to maim
The perfect geometry
Of the curvature
I see
Through the aperture
Of my eyes
I swallow saliva
She must fart rainbows
I try to imagine
It looks absurd
physically impossible
But the curves
Tachycardia sets in
Less of blood up top
More of life down low

She looks up
I find myself in Kamiti
The kamiti maximum
A prisoner of the brown
Glassy brown
Deep and meaningful
She stops her graceful walk
And faces me
Perspiration comes forth
I imagine my armpits flooding
Expiration comes not
Then she opens her mouth
” I saw is you is looking is me”
The sails in my top gallant mast rip
She jests
Perplexion exudes
Corroboration of grammatical collaboration
“I saw you looking at me”
That must be
But the sentence, dear me
She exhales
Her cleavage is a beverage
Lust is its name
Partaking is the game
Her breath
Like a syringe to the arse
It is swift
Oh why?
Why does her breath
Smell like corrosion and death?
Halitosis consume
The cavity of her mouth
She farts
My phone drops
Perfume covers not
The cracking screen
Hides not the great
Merciless and gangrene inducing
Odour of broken dreams and desperation
Emanating her backside
” I thought you looked like someone I know”
With that I took my leave
Dust under my feet
A dust storm at my heel
Away from this nightmare
No more foul winds to bear….

Not my best work but I enjoyed its simplicity… ­čÖé


A Piece of Metal.

There are those things that you want to do….maybe you love drawing and are quite adept at it…maybe you love computers and can code an algorithm or an app to find ike lost pets…maybe you love music and can sing until the angels shed tears…maybe your music is so beautiful the streams stop flowing to listen,the birds are held in awe of your prowess…
This is albeit a tad bit unorthodox but read on…

Listen to me
Listen to tbe unspoken words
Words hewn and sewn into the fabric of my music
A melody that cries
That yearns to be heard
Peace unseen
Of how my heart is at peace
Playing my spirit and soul into one
The one thing i love more than myself
This embodiment of an angel’s tear
Sound of a gentle stream
Flowing in the creek
The sound of the birds humming a wake up song
The song that tugs my heart’s strings
Ever so gently
Caressing my mind and those around

Listen to me
Begging not to be torn
From that which i love and hold dear
This piece of metal that
Expresses the unexpressed
Explains the unexplained
Explores the reaches of my self
The only thing that i have ever wanted

The approval of the crowd
Swayed by the sound
Carried by the message
At this
This wondrous sight
This is where i find piece
Not behind a desk
Loathing my existence
Hating that which brought me forth
Disgusted by that which tore me apart
To do for you i have
But to do for me you should
Let me be me to bring you
Understanding of who i have become
Not what you think i should become
Living a lie a life that irks
Just let me be me
That’s all i ask

Forgiveness i will not bed
If apart from it i am forced
I the crucible of love have i found my soulmate
In this piece of metal
In this thing you so dislike
In this thing you frustrate
Yet through you my yearning did gestate
At your feet i bare all
Because to bear separation i deam not
But vehemently to me dead you will be
Peace you shall know not
My life’s mission it will be
All for this
Piece of metal.