A Piece of Metal.

There are those things that you want to do….maybe you love drawing and are quite adept at it…maybe you love computers and can code an algorithm or an app to find ike lost pets…maybe you love music and can sing until the angels shed tears…maybe your music is so beautiful the streams stop flowing to listen,the birds are held in awe of your prowess…
This is albeit a tad bit unorthodox but read on…

Listen to me
Listen to tbe unspoken words
Words hewn and sewn into the fabric of my music
A melody that cries
That yearns to be heard
Peace unseen
Of how my heart is at peace
Playing my spirit and soul into one
The one thing i love more than myself
This embodiment of an angel’s tear
Sound of a gentle stream
Flowing in the creek
The sound of the birds humming a wake up song
The song that tugs my heart’s strings
Ever so gently
Caressing my mind and those around

Listen to me
Begging not to be torn
From that which i love and hold dear
This piece of metal that
Expresses the unexpressed
Explains the unexplained
Explores the reaches of my self
The only thing that i have ever wanted

The approval of the crowd
Swayed by the sound
Carried by the message
At this
This wondrous sight
This is where i find piece
Not behind a desk
Loathing my existence
Hating that which brought me forth
Disgusted by that which tore me apart
To do for you i have
But to do for me you should
Let me be me to bring you
Understanding of who i have become
Not what you think i should become
Living a lie a life that irks
Just let me be me
That’s all i ask

Forgiveness i will not bed
If apart from it i am forced
I the crucible of love have i found my soulmate
In this piece of metal
In this thing you so dislike
In this thing you frustrate
Yet through you my yearning did gestate
At your feet i bare all
Because to bear separation i deam not
But vehemently to me dead you will be
Peace you shall know not
My life’s mission it will be
All for this
Piece of metal.


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