If I were to die….

If I were to die
On an open field lay me
Under the blue sky bare me
The rays of sun bathe me
With the essence of nature
Would a chariot of peace
Final peace find me
If I were to die

If I were to die
No tear drop to the ground
Enrich my resting with grief
My being enveloped
Cocooned in sorrow
Wetting the earth under
Over me with tear
Liquid gold encasing rainbows and love
Whetting the lost anger
My departure undue
Untimely perchance
Perhaps ensconced with me
Rage engulfing
A deluge of tears to put out

If I were to die
Hearken the music
The oh so glorious
Awe so inviting
Melody of my soul
Lute like
Calming sea melody
Resonating to my thoughts
Free-ing my bonds
Releasing my hopes

A cloud of mist
Drenches the ground
Eerie silence broken
Shattered by cries
Cries of incompletion
Cries of unfulfilled endeavours
Volcanic rage erupts
I do not want to die
Not before I touch
Before I caress
Before with wanton abandon
The fabric of time I embrace
On its bosom to lay
In its ear to lay this request
That the music I play
The essence of my being
Flowing out the sax
Touch a person’s heart
Fire up the furnace of their emotions
Fill them with my feeling
Unite them by beseeching
Not besmirching
That which is their humanity
I do not want to die.

This one was complicated for me because I didn’t know the direction it was going…but feel free to comment and share…thanks.


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