With whom I crave to be…

Wintry chill and pitch black night
Torrents of thought pummel my brain
Elastic bands of decisions ricochet of my mind
Waiting to be picked
Indecision in delusion
Of what is and what may be
To call or not
Her voice to hear

Un-dammed memories burst forth
Bathing me,soaking me
Visions of laughter and pheromones sent
Loin throb-inducing sounds
Sounds of her voice and laugh
Tearing and bombarding
Her scent lingering
Her touch disabling
The gleam of her eyes
Hauntingly beautiful
Succulent and soft
The taste of her lips
Seductive and distractive
The lingering of her breath on my skin
Freedom I crave
But her beauty enslaves

The pounding and fraying
My fragile heart keeps praying
Like a wolf ensnared
Continuously howling
I am here see you me not
I am here
But hear me you do not
Tis but disparaging
Ardently discouraging
That I want to but cannot
To rush I must not
As a tortoise I opt to be
To see the one
That one
With whom I crave to be



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