my love interpretation


Someone asked me to talk about love( i am pretty scared right now I mean who knows what that really is ) but i will try and explain this the best way i can in my own way of course.

Love:- I’d say it is a deep emotion, thundering heartbeat, fleeting goosebumps and  letting out a fart each time you see that “other” person.

How will you know when you’re in love?

  • If you are a woman:

• You will experience feelings of excitement, joy and desire( and its a butt load full of it)
• You will place the other person’s happiness above your own(sad but true)
• Your friends will hate you.( more of a great dislike of your new found happiness, but interpret it the way you find fit)

  • If you are a man:

• Your wallet will be lighter( funny but true)
• You will hit…

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