She said,she said,They said

She said she said they said
I felt
I said i felt i prayed
They were wrong
Solitude is fortitude
Double dosed my dietary
Needs for solace and silence
Touching feeling needing
To be alone
Moulding and shaping
Lumps of my happiness
Brought together
Packed in
Squeezed so
The water of ineptitude
Flows out
The bonding of aptitude
Forms therein
Wherein i lay in my corner
Bid the coroner
Come pick the carcasses
Those vile rotting carcasses
Of deceit an manipulation
And multiplication of my pain
To progress, i digress
With the conception
Of the inception of my success
Such maggotry
Violently eradicate
And skillfully
Build up this wall
Shield the masonry
And my happiness can take form

Leagues into the sky
Fathoms into the sea
Diatoms of my being respirate
To intubate and resuscitate
This body
This body of truth
Nails dug in to the bed
Clawing at any shred of solitude
Hoping not for servitude
But that attitude
She said she said they said
Are wrong
But the truth
I said i prayed i knew
I was right
The mucous membrane traps your lies
The insatiable driving rain reign
Carry that truth to me
Release me apease me increase me
My odds to build myself reach me
A greater me i yearn to be.


This poem is about trying to make sense out of confusion….have you understood what i wrote up there 👆👆👆???