Take Your Clothes Off….


Take off your clothes
Words sharp and bold
Fear and excitement
The savagery of enticement
A shoulder here, a shoulder there
Damming of saliva forces a hard swallow
How hard is he? Asks she
The glistening of sweat and yearning of bodies
The scent of lust and deepening of breaths
With power he draws
Like water from a shower he pours
Kissing, fondling, caressing
Feeling oh so slightly the warmth of her chest
Convulsing from wanting
He cups a breast
Licking, teasing, nibbling the crest
Palm on back
Gently but firmly to hold
Give rise to the yearning called forth
The night is bright
But the darkness is bright
Silhouette pon silhouette
The shadows dance her blouse of her body
A gasp escapes, if only she could scream loudly
To the bed they move
He’s on top of her, not beside she
Owning her body
Scavenging her, nodding
The foreplay is magic, no anxiety foreboding
Her thong comes off, slowly
His hands, intricately, dexterously
He kisses her navel, biting ever, so, softly
Her mind is lost her body not controlling
These things
Wondrous things, mind confusing things
Don’t stop, she scolds him,
His passion, aflame
Already is showing
It’s not that time yet, she knows it
His tongue, deftly exploring
Lower and lower
Her back arches
Her face she touches
A gasp escapes
She has never felt this
With a flick of his tongue
Her soul he grabs it
Her clitoris he licks
Now she can’t control this
A rivulet forms, a stream begins
The musk arises
Against his face her pelvis grinds
As he licks and sucks
And nibbles her pink
Around the lips explores
Only once more to delve
Sweeter and sweeter the juices
So more and more he teases
She can’t hold it no more, she loses
And her dam breaks, her mind it confuses
On his feet he stands,
Slowly rubbing his hands,
Till next time milady
I don’t do one night stands.



Safari Sevens….The Fans’ Eyes


( photo c/o @KenyaRugby247 )

Last weekend had one of the largest annual sporting events, the Safari 7s. As always, the rugby fans, beer fans, and those seeking to unwind set the date ready to attend. Many blogs have covered the game aspect of the event but I will look at something different…the fans standpoint.
Safari 7s attracts about 80,000 fans each year but this year saw it drop to about 60000. Many things cause people not to attend including illness, work commitments and recently wrangles between players and the management of the team. This year still saw a steady decline in attendance and also in satisfaction for some fans.

Inadequate tickets

The introduction of a new ticketing system by event sponsors Safaricom led to an oversubscription of tickets. This means that the actual printed tickets were less than the number of fans who actually turned up to claim them. This left a nasty taste in some of their mouths especially after being requested at the last minute to top up the money and purchase VIP tickets. Well, most of them had budgeted their cash to the packet of njugu they would chew so any additional funds were probably out of the question. Others had to criss-cross town looking for tickets at the collection centre only to be told they were sold out already. Keep in mind these are people who complied and used the ticketing service, not just last minute ticket buyers. This kind of wild goose chase for those anxious to get in left most furious as they had to cancel their plans.


This is one of those things that you try to explain to people but they still don’t get it. The event moved to Kasarani as it is the most secure and has at least some semblance of relief from this wild unyielding sun we have. Also, Kenya is vying to host a leg of the IRB. This will bring some money into the game to aid further development of the game in the country. Not forgetting that it will increase foreign exchange via tourism and boost the economy… yadda yadda…youknow where this is going.


Last year our country was unfortunate to suffer terrorist attacks where many of our brothers and sisters lost their lives. This year’s event falling around the memorial of the event probably had some people feeling uneasy and opting to stay at home. Security measures were in place with co-operation from the Kenya Police and private security firms.

Now about the ticketing system, we cannot expect the transition to be smooth but it also shouldn’t be too rough. At least have extra tickets on the side to ensure fans do not get disappointed by not gaining access to the venue. Another thing, corporate sponsors should understand the value of having a better image more than anybody else. Branding wars should not put the fans in the middle of it. Refusing to admit entry of another company’s products into the stadium (read beer and EABL merchandise) is kind of insane.

*on a side note i am not sure if this tusker vs safaricom stuff i.e merchandise is what happened to everyone*

What if the person’s underwear and/or footwear are labeled under that company’s brand? Will you strip the person down because you don’t like the brand? Boardroom brand wars should stay just there…in the board room, not to the fans. We come to enjoy, support the game and socialize, not just have you profit from accepting our cash.


Anyway kudos to safaricom for trying out something new with the ticketing stuff….no money has not been poured….

Btw these are my views….you have your own…if you are offended fill in the image below 👇👇👇