Take Your Clothes Off….


Take off your clothes
Words sharp and bold
Fear and excitement
The savagery of enticement
A shoulder here, a shoulder there
Damming of saliva forces a hard swallow
How hard is he? Asks she
The glistening of sweat and yearning of bodies
The scent of lust and deepening of breaths
With power he draws
Like water from a shower he pours
Kissing, fondling, caressing
Feeling oh so slightly the warmth of her chest
Convulsing from wanting
He cups a breast
Licking, teasing, nibbling the crest
Palm on back
Gently but firmly to hold
Give rise to the yearning called forth
The night is bright
But the darkness is bright
Silhouette pon silhouette
The shadows dance her blouse of her body
A gasp escapes, if only she could scream loudly
To the bed they move
He’s on top of her, not beside she
Owning her body
Scavenging her, nodding
The foreplay is magic, no anxiety foreboding
Her thong comes off, slowly
His hands, intricately, dexterously
He kisses her navel, biting ever, so, softly
Her mind is lost her body not controlling
These things
Wondrous things, mind confusing things
Don’t stop, she scolds him,
His passion, aflame
Already is showing
It’s not that time yet, she knows it
His tongue, deftly exploring
Lower and lower
Her back arches
Her face she touches
A gasp escapes
She has never felt this
With a flick of his tongue
Her soul he grabs it
Her clitoris he licks
Now she can’t control this
A rivulet forms, a stream begins
The musk arises
Against his face her pelvis grinds
As he licks and sucks
And nibbles her pink
Around the lips explores
Only once more to delve
Sweeter and sweeter the juices
So more and more he teases
She can’t hold it no more, she loses
And her dam breaks, her mind it confuses
On his feet he stands,
Slowly rubbing his hands,
Till next time milady
I don’t do one night stands.



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