China Range Rover ‘rip-off’ to sell for less than 1.5M Kshs – can you tell the difference?


WITH its mix of off-road ability and stylish looks, the Range Rover Evoke is popular with many a Mid Devon driver, but it may have competition from a Chinese rival which promises cheaper four by four thrills.

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The Landwind X7 has angered bosses of the British brand because it has an uncanny resemblance to the Evoque, the ultra-successful SUV which has led the firm’s resurgence.

The X7 was launched at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China this week and has a price-tag of just £14,000.

Bosses at JLR are angry at the Chinese car maker for allegedly ripping off the Evoque’s award-winning design.

The Range Rover Evoque has picked up 160 awards around the world since it went on sale in 2011.

Earlier this week the car giant announced second-quarter sales of 110,000 across the company with profits hitting £609 million.

 A spokesperson for the…

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