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It is said that it shouldn’t be the journey that scares you, but the experiences that you gather as you travel through. We never quite see the veracity in such a statement until the final lap of the game, when there is no turning back to change the players you wish you retained in this battle we call life. So you accept that you may have lost good friends along the way and hope that you are making long-lasting ones now as you stumble your way through.
Mistakes are bound to happen, no one is perfect as they say but perfect imperfections is what we are known to enhance and make others perceive. The lies we churn out and the fake smiles we put up to make everyone imagine that we live such a remarkable life; when deep down you know how much you are hurting inside but won’t dare…

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FunTravel Kenya

We all agree traveling, or as most of you would say “Tembea Kenya”, is expensive. You have to fuel your car, or hire one for most of us. And I’m not even going to talk about getting a safari van for your trip. This digs a hole in your pocket, or leave a dent in your account for the better off. Then there’s food, accommodation and tips..yes, you can’t get back from a trip without tipping someone. It’s an unwritten rule. These adds up to a lot of money, which frankly most of us don’t have. Today I want to give you a cheaper option of kutembea Kenya, appreciating your country at pocket-friendly prices.


Most of us have the mentality that you need a private means of transport in order to go for a road-trip. I disagree. You can have a good time just by using public means. Done…

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