12 “Perfect” Women Of Instagram (And What Their Lives Are Actually Like)

Thought Catalog

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I’m struggling with depression right now. My life looks charmed and beautiful and happy and nobody would know that I wake up every day with dread and anxiety and helplessness. People see that I’m adventuring all around a beautiful city, but what I wouldn’t put on Instagram is a picture of the couch I sat on last night as I explained to a therapist how my last resort would be to go on anti-depressants, but that secretly inside thought I probably needed to be on them. I’m scared and I’m struggling.

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The price of this shot was food poisoning so severe, I couldn’t even keep water down. I spent the whole of the next day in bed, and all because I wanted to “live my best life” and eat a burger and fries at 10pm. There’s a reason why there’s validity to the You Did Not Eat That Instagram: it’s…

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