Why Do You Travel?

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Why Do You travel? That question asked to anyone will get a straight answer in 9 out 10 people. Ask yourself that, and I’m sure you will get an answer in a flash. Unless you are like my friend Duncan who has to complicate everything, his answer was “Depends on where I’m travelling to”. I agree with him it depends, but you got to have that main reason. Today I’d like to profile everyone into a category.

Typically, there are four types of travelers; the genuine traveler, the adventurer, the tourist and that other guy. I think you have an idea where you fall.

The Genuine Traveler

This is that guy who lives, sleeps, eats everything about travel. Most are professionals or work in the travel industry but there are a few who fell in the wrong industry but are travel enthusiasts. They love travelling and would drop most things for…

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Help….beleagured rock

A hardened stone cracks set forth
A covered scar an open wound comes from
The eyes they cry a rivulet of need
Why oh why but deep i sigh
In haste i paste to hinder the feel’s
The window dost broke a chill i feel
Together i hold but some are fall’n
Hide the yearn and need of mine
Claw i do
grasping straws
caving walls
A torrent to flood
In frost to hard’n
The water has cracked
This stone, no..boulder
Scarred over now bleeding slight but stronger

On turn the lights
Dark the back i move
Candle up lights
A silent call, a gripping song
To know i know ignore i cant
But, marooned with a moat,
This breeze i feel does it feel me
Know not i know not
The chills and the feels’
Curtain drawn shut
Candle light grows bright
Calling, breeze blows, the feels

Long pangs
Hunger pangs
Yearning pangs
Earnest endeavour
Breeze benders touching
Reaching grabbing
But a rolls stone no moss to gather
A stood stone susceptible
Widen cracks, fissures, shatters
To glimpse outside
A ray from the candle
Why? Gotdammnit Why?
tugging silently, knowingly
Metamorphose back
Silent and warm
From the core
Its escapes.

Big Brother: Office Edition 2013

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I know you are probably wondering why I gave the title a Microsoft style or why Makmende can dry his clothes on a Safaricom line, all we know is it is a name.

Anyway, today I took a long walk around our capital city, Nairobi. I was checking out the CCTV(closed circuit television) on the various buildings. Now, if you are a native of this fine city, you will know, if you take a walk around the treasury building you will find a large number of armed guards and several CCTV cameras pointed at every possible angle. If you understand how the economy works and the great and severe relevance of money in this business, then you fathom* the need to protect it. Now, most people have come to believe that these cameras are just for the bosses and managers to spy on the unsuspecting employees but that is not…

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