Big Brother: Office Edition 2013

Gravity Solutions Blog

I know you are probably wondering why I gave the title a Microsoft style or why Makmende can dry his clothes on a Safaricom line, all we know is it is a name.

Anyway, today I took a long walk around our capital city, Nairobi. I was checking out the CCTV(closed circuit television) on the various buildings. Now, if you are a native of this fine city, you will know, if you take a walk around the treasury building you will find a large number of armed guards and several CCTV cameras pointed at every possible angle. If you understand how the economy works and the great and severe relevance of money in this business, then you fathom* the need to protect it. Now, most people have come to believe that these cameras are just for the bosses and managers to spy on the unsuspecting employees but that is not…

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