Why Do You Travel?

FunTravel Kenya

Why Do You travel? That question asked to anyone will get a straight answer in 9 out 10 people. Ask yourself that, and I’m sure you will get an answer in a flash. Unless you are like my friend Duncan who has to complicate everything, his answer was “Depends on where I’m travelling to”. I agree with him it depends, but you got to have that main reason. Today I’d like to profile everyone into a category.

Typically, there are four types of travelers; the genuine traveler, the adventurer, the tourist and that other guy. I think you have an idea where you fall.

The Genuine Traveler

This is that guy who lives, sleeps, eats everything about travel. Most are professionals or work in the travel industry but there are a few who fell in the wrong industry but are travel enthusiasts. They love travelling and would drop most things for…

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