To my future Mrs.

Hi…its me…


Now, probably we have met and dated or are dating but you need to know something about me. I am a crazy temperamental person…i am as most creative people are, subject to intense OCD and ADHD. We will definitely argue not fight. Why? Because we are human and friction does occur. Its natures way of reminding us none of us are perfect but to me you are perfect.

I chose you because with all your flaws you excite me,with your mind inspire me, your body, ….well that’s just the icing on the cake. I am not a superficial guy, but i read between lines. I want to know the real you.  I want to spend each day learning about you, touching you, feeling you mentally and emotionally. I have my flaws, apparently i got my dad’s temper but i will never hit you. My mother, God bless her, raised me to know never to hit a woman. I will love you with all i got and all i am. I will need you to be honest with me. My no means no. PERIOD. If i do not want you to do something do Not do it. I will have my reasons. I will tell you.


When i am angry, let me be….let me go to the gym and let it out… when i come back, hug me even if i resist. That will remind me how much you care. To me you will be all that matters. My moon and stars…my sky my life my love. I will cherish every moment, every kiss, every fight….everything. Being with you will be all that matters. Funny thing you should know,  you will be the gate that can hold back my anger when the dragon of rage beckons me and i hearken its call. You will be the reason i feel the sun’s rays on my skin. You will be my one, my only. You are not one in a million, you are the only one of your kins because to me there will never be any one close to beinh like you.
I will gladly be your “private developer”. I will grab you from the countless marauding bands of hyenas trying to get you.


I will make you laugh, and chances are that you will fall for me because of this. I will not use cheesy pick up lines like “are you sandpaper because i want you to rub my wood”.

Thats all for now. Bye.



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