The best 5 reasons why you need to get CCTV.

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Security is paramount in our society. Most people are good but the remaining few are not. Here are some of the top 5 reasons to get CCTV installed at your premises..

  1. Apprehension of burglars and robbers

When a person or a business gets robbed the police usually ask if you have any recollection of what the thief or miscreant was wearing and or what he looked like. With these simple gadgets in place, all these questions can be answered. CCTV captures the visual and audio of the robberies and helps the police better identify who to go after. In these days, CCTV has also become a tool useful in averting terror attacks and also getting the details about the terrorists such as their height, the clothes they wear and not forgetting the arsenal they have with them.

  1. Deterrent to burglars

With CCTV visible to all, it acts as a deterrent…

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Hehehe…..kuexpose tu watu


“Women lie, Men lie, The numbers don’t lie.” These are words from one of my favourite tunes. It is like lying is a human thing, that you can’t be human if you don’t tell a lie. In fact, St. Augustine classified lies into 8 categories depending on how easily they can be pardoned. He further said there are times when lying might be OK. But I am not here to preach and give a moral authority against lying, I am here to talk about some of the things men say and what they really mean.

There’s no denying it, guy’s lie. They tell us things like, “I’m five minutes away” when they haven’t left yet or that when they had to go to that strip club, all they could think of was us. Because when a man sees boobs and bum, he still has room in his brain to think…

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