Candles Lit.

Candle flame by i sit
Solace from pain i seek
Dark clouds
Dark pregnant clouds
Of tears we shed
Of gut wrenching
Pain…no anger…no,sorrow
This loss..
We ask why
Cant anyone see
Anyone feel
Anyone stop
This aching
This longing for sorrow to stop

Will anyone stop
This needless blood-letting
This needless loss of life
A brother
A sister
A son
A daughter
A father
A mother
A human being….

Mine tears know not dams
Mine soul knows but pain
And grief and anger
I know not your tribe or race or religion
I know you as a human
As a person
The dark grows darker
The clouds let up
They cry
Tears of blood and anger
Rage at the wanton killing
I know not what it is
The storms of pain claw at me
The candle lit
Their candles lit
In smoking silence die out

This is to all that lost their loved ones in Garissa and Westgate …
We are united by pain and the memory of those lost… you are me and i am you. Gone but not forgotten