Do You See You The Way I See You.

Do you see you the way I see you
Through bright eyes and golden smiles
Do you see the set of teeth,
A bed of pearls, beautiful and stunning pearls
Do you see that all natural African hair
Locks of our ancestry
Flowing in the wind
Like a gentle stream down to your shoulders?
Do you see your brown eyes
Those deep, searching eyes
Eyes that see through my lies,
My pain, my anger and my sorrow
Those eyes that seem to glow
No,  sparkle as if beset with starlight?
Those eyes that looked deep into my ruffian ones
Smiling subtly yet hiding the mischief of you stealing my heart

Do you see you the way I see you?
With that gentle neck
Oh so delicate, so tantalizing,
So inviting….
That neck that many a time
Have you shrieked and flitted away after I gave it a sly kiss
Do you see those shoulders
Those that have borne my head as we sat on the bus
Holding hands not wanting even a molecule of air to steal either away
Shoulders strong yet gentle
That hold mine head when the weight of the world
And the sorrows of life crash against me like the rocks at the beach

Do you see those hands
So small, you scolded me for saying so once
Hands that are so kind
Hands that are deft and dainty and talented
Hands that can sketch the immensity of my love
Hands that hold my heart when intertwined with mine
Hands that reached in and grabbed my soul
Hands that have clawed when we made beast with two backs
Do you see those thighs
Those thighs that nearly slew me
The indecencies my mind created
From those thighs
Thighs that many a time have i fallen asleep on
Dreaming tales and aspirations
Drawing inspiration…
Do you see that waist,
That waist that my arms enjoy draping around
That waist that I hold, No, 
Cling onto when I won’t let you go home after a weekend dalliance
Or after a short time together
Time, a concept that keenly eludes us
Hours pass but it feels like seconds
Do you see those hips,
Those awe inspiring hips
Hips that stop me in my tracks always
Hips that our culture shows are a sign of fertility
A sign of great child bearing
Hips that you hold everytime you threaten to beat me as you smile with those teeth
That smile that melts my heart
That smile that broke down the walls inside
But do you see that mind,  that great and gorgeous mind
The mind that keeps up with my incessant chatter
My insane rhetoric and crazy dry jokes
That mind can keep up with me when I get deep into discussion about science and politics and composing and love
That mind that can see through my problems and birth solutions so simple they astound me
And most of all do you see that heart,  that heart that you stole and locked away
That heart you hold dear,
It loves you
Beats to the rhythm of your own
In perfect symphony
To say I love you would be incompleteness
But I am insensible and insane
I love all of you. Just the way you are.

This is a love letter to whoever will be my wife in the future. It doesn’t matter what people say, you should be happy being you. Standards will always change because pleasing people is impossible.