#DISCLAIMER: This piece is just wandering thoughts…..

Sometimes I wish I could die
Not to cause anyone pain
Not because I am selfish
Sometimes I wish I could die
Not so songs could be written about me
Not so faux tears can roll down powdered cheeks
Not so people can get the one chance in their lives to get laid at my funeral
Sometimes I wish I could die
Not for attention seeking
Not for relatives I neither knew nor gave two fucks about to show up

If you want me to die
Strike me in my chest and gaze into my eyes
Poison me at your table
Watch the light leave my eyes
Have the people you send after me record my death
Poison me with the 2 shots of whiskey neat
Twice a month with which I was labelled a drunk
But first kill my soul
This soul that has been called a failure since it could read
This soul that has been put down more times than it can count
This soul that secrets has sheltered
This soul whose first love
Very first love is not a human being
This love that is being torn from it
This love that is being ripped of its arms
This soul that cries unseen
This soul that cries unheard
This stabbing that has endured 15 years over
This blacksheep soul
This soul of difference
This soul of defiance
This soul of hate
This soul that will never forgive
This soul of a blacksheep.

This is for a friend of mine… She has been through alot.