Naivasha Coffee House

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Okay, so I know this week I was supposed to do another post on hotels but I felt this needed to be told. You know how there are those eateries and drinkeries (yeah I made it up…) hidden and nestled in various town in Kenya that you would swear your ancestors on, well I found one. Not really me, but rather my mother did.

We were driving down from the highlands (Eldoret) and as we approached Naivasha, I could see her getting very excited. As much as I do get carried away observing the zebras, antelopes and chimps beside the road, something in her voice got me yearning. She told me of this coffee place at Delamere that she always makes a point of stopping at. The sparkling of her eyes was electrifying; almost like when a kid gets a new toy and they want to show it off ….yeah…

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