To my Khaleesi….

I want to feel your breath against my neck

Blowing air kisses

Stealing my own breath

I want to feel your hands caressing my cheek

Unwittingly yet skillfully unknotting my mind

Pushing aside the drapes of my darkness

Inviting the baby of mischief clinging to my ribcage to come out and play

I want to look into your eyes

Those brown galaxies you walk with

Those eyes that remind me of starry nights and twinkling stars

Eyes that see my soul

Dust and all

And still they weaken my knees

Eyes that reached in and stole my heart

I want to taste those lips

Those full



And oh so heavenly inviting lips

Lips that wove a basket of word poetry

That calmed my heart and breastfed my confidence

Lips that cover a mouth that sucked

All the worries and doubts out of my mind

Lips that kisses my skin and conceived

Lustful aching and longing from my groin

Lips that kiss so tender yet so consumingly

My brain goes for a stroll and I forget to breathe.

I want to feel your skin

Supple, dark and beautiful

Skin that has current

Electric current that fans my passions

And sets aflame the fires of longing and protectiveness

Skin that charges my blood

And draws its path with goosebumps on my skin

I want to touch those curves

Curves I need to clip the apex to go round

Curves that cornered me into submission

You’d already won the battle and you didn’t know

Taking the mallet of your physique

Smashing into my primal desires

And slapping my face with it

But most of all

I want to converse with your mind and make love with your heart

That mind that is so witty

So brilliant and so knowledgeable

I admit it

You’re smarter than I am in more ways than I can count

No ifs,

No buts

Its the most attractive thing about you

Your heart comes second

So gentle







Its so amazing how such a small thing

Can be so large

So large you made room for me and my woeful ness

My imperfections, warts and all

You stole my heart and locked it in yours

This you know

But all the more

You’re a queen

My queen

You’re the suits to my Barney Stinson

The melody on my heartstrings

The cheese to my pizza

The khaleesi of my dragon

Breaker of my pain

Pearl of beauty

Mother of all that is beautiful and true

Slice me with your smile, I am your bread

Sip me from your glass, I’m your mojito

Iron me with your love, I am your blouse

Mop me with your brilliance and charm, I am your floor

Roast me on the flames and savagery of your wit, I am your goat ribs.



I sit and watch the tumble weed

Stampeding patiently across the street

The town used to be full

Children playing hide n seek

Cars inching across the tarmac

Sellers flaunting wares

Couples walking in pairs

Flowers and leaves dancing in the breeze to unheard music

But that was then

And this is now

Then the storm happened

It battered the town and shook the houses

Broke windows and fell trees

And there I was rushing home

Trying to beat the impending doom

Running and falling

Trying to reach home

And the storm raced before me

Battered and shook

Howling and stomping

And shattered our windows

The townspeople fled

All the same night

While I begged them to stay

The little child down the street was last

Wiping tears and dust

The thunder laughed

The lightning took a picture

All said, all done

Beside the house I sit

Watching for the storm

Praying you come back.

The fine print

Funerals aren’t for the dead

They’re for the living to gather and break bread

To shed tears in solemn silence

While scheming relatives mark available property

Birthdays arent for the babies,

They’re for the friends to compare

Contrast and take notes

While the baby contemplates

The yearly reminder of their approaching death.

Weddings aren’t for the bride and groom

They’re for family and friends

Caught up in the minutiae

Sizing up the backgrounds of the other

While searching for probable mates

And an excuse to drink and ogle the bride

One last time.

Graduations arent for students

They’re for parents

Celebrating their validation at having successfully raised a human being

All the while struggling to make them not die

Showing off their offspring as successful

In a tandem bid to jealous-ify their friends and relatives

Elections arent for the voters

Theyre for politicians

Clawing for power and office

A peekaboo game

Here for campaigns

Gone for 5 years

Till next time.

To my future Mrs.

Hi…its me…


Now, probably we have met and dated or are dating but you need to know something about me. I am a crazy temperamental person…i am as most creative people are, subject to intense OCD and ADHD. We will definitely argue not fight. Why? Because we are human and friction does occur. Its natures way of reminding us none of us are perfect but to me you are perfect.

I chose you because with all your flaws you excite me,with your mind inspire me, your body, ….well that’s just the icing on the cake. I am not a superficial guy, but i read between lines. I want to know the real you.  I want to spend each day learning about you, touching you, feeling you mentally and emotionally. I have my flaws, apparently i got my dad’s temper but i will never hit you. My mother, God bless her, raised me to know never to hit a woman. I will love you with all i got and all i am. I will need you to be honest with me. My no means no. PERIOD. If i do not want you to do something do Not do it. I will have my reasons. I will tell you.


When i am angry, let me be….let me go to the gym and let it out… when i come back, hug me even if i resist. That will remind me how much you care. To me you will be all that matters. My moon and stars…my sky my life my love. I will cherish every moment, every kiss, every fight….everything. Being with you will be all that matters. Funny thing you should know,  you will be the gate that can hold back my anger when the dragon of rage beckons me and i hearken its call. You will be the reason i feel the sun’s rays on my skin. You will be my one, my only. You are not one in a million, you are the only one of your kins because to me there will never be any one close to beinh like you.
I will gladly be your “private developer”. I will grab you from the countless marauding bands of hyenas trying to get you.


I will make you laugh, and chances are that you will fall for me because of this. I will not use cheesy pick up lines like “are you sandpaper because i want you to rub my wood”.

Thats all for now. Bye.