Axed Kenya 7s players speak out


The axed Kenya 7s players have released a statement in relation to the current stand off..

Following some incorrect information appearing in the local media we have made a decision to come out to set the record straight.

Out of the respect we have for the lovers of rugby in this county and beyond, we had chosen to keep quiet as we tried to sort the issues we had raised behind the scenes. To begin with, we would like to wish all the three Kenyan teams and invited teams a great tournament.

It is always a Proud moment playing in front of the fans back at home. But, as you know, some of the players are not part of these three teams and we would like to state the reasons why the players are not donning the Kenya shirts.

We can only do this by explaining to the rugby fraternity…

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appreciations, mid resolutions?

Very true statements and sentiments


such a weird title but oh well….that’s the mood i am in oh well..


hey there guys, hope y’all are braving this acclimatizing aphrodisiac with your heads bowed and pants zipped up( quick question why is it that most mammals think that its mating season when the climate falls a few degrees??)

anyway, with everyone doing the 20 random facts on IG including my lame ass i wrote how august has always been my worst month. i don’t know why i think the curse for me just lies on that particular month that everything always seems to fall apart around then.
This month has been really trying for a person, as a daughter, as a friend. Few knew what went on and if i was as courageous as some think i am i would definitely pour it all out but no

a few things that i have learnt…

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