Here I sit


Song on repeat
Pictures by my feet
Slow and weak
My pulse
I’m defeat
Dull aches in waves
Cascade over my heart
My shirt
In tears drenched
Strength spent
In a suitcase, memories
Anxiety my disease
Weakened by melodies
Your laughter I miss
A minute for that lingering kiss
Phone in my hand
A response, if any I await
Seconds copulate
Minutes gestate
Hours its been
This rift enlarges
A small crack
A seam from arises

I peer at my wall
Mirror mirror on my wall
Lady I love, hear not my heart’s call?
This yearning desire in me
I have bedded chest pain
Silence cutting so deep
I’m bleeding inside
Dying with eyes open wide
Taking in breaths
But heart screaming
‘I protest!!! ‘
Pestering isn’t jestering
Just juxtaposing
And supposing
Maybe wondering
Am I annoying?
(sigh) 😐😩:|
But I seek mending
Reconciliation with mine
But in the corner my heart
Time out is spending

Darkness overcomes
Melancholy abounds
Dark, cumulus, overcast
Exit light left,
Enter discouragement
Abundance sadness
All the while
I’m waiting, watching and hoping
A message, a missive, receiving
Alas!  What do I do?
Stuck in my mind
Captive I am…..
So on the floor I sit
Phone in hand
Heart in hand
Here on the bedside you sit
Waiting, watching, hoping
To talk to the one I’m,